We provide architectural consultancy with most competitive price in Bangladesh. Along my professional career I gained experience of designing almost all type of building facility and have the commitment to give you the best design solution which would be profitable for you and your business. We give attention regardless of your project size, concentrate to achieve right balance within aesthetic, functional requirements and your financial ability – and all our effort is to give you a product that will make you proud and will enrich your business portfolio.
In most our design we implement Virtual Building Design technology with latest computer-aided software that helps us to examine the design in detail before construction, thus ensures quality architectural design than conventional CAD system.
We have the knowledge of sustainable and energy efficient building design technique that brings the promise to give you a more responsible and better architecture for your health, well-being and environment.
With a dream to build a sustainable and better future for you, our society and our country – we are willing to be and would be grateful to be at your service.

Ar. Md. Shafeen Minhaz